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The first R is Reputation, and is the foundation of all of your marketing efforts.

Reputation Marketing

We know that you work hard every day to build a good reputation.  Unfortunately, that reputation can quickly become tarnished online by one unsatisfied client, an angry former employee, or even competitors posting false and negative reviews.  That’s why being proactive about building a good reputation online has become critical to your marketing efforts and something you don’t want to leave to chance.

Why? According to a recent study, 4 out 5 of consumers have changed their mind about doing business with a company based solely on negative information found online.  Imagine if 4 out of 5 people searching for your company don’t pick up the phone or visit your web site because they see negative reviews or even a lack of reviews.  Do you think that would affect your bottom line?

Our review engine system helps you proactively gather real reviews from real people.  By the way, never, ever fall into the temptation of buying reviews or faking reviews.  It just isn’t worth it.  

Here is an example of a branded review engine of one of our clients in the HVAC industry;


Our system helps you build your reputation with the following features:

  • Branded review engine for your company. You can direct your clients or patients here after doing business with you
  • When a review is submitted, you receive an immediate email with the content of the review.  If it is a less-than-stellar review, this gives you the immediate opportunity to reach out to the reviewer to see if you can turn the situation around
  • The reviewer also gets an email from you, thanking them for taking the time to leave a review
  • Through the use of either a badge or RSS feed, you can integrate the reviews into your web site or online site
  • Unlike a lot of review sites, we do NOT have advertisements or competing company listings on your review engine
  • We give you the option of directing reviewers directly to other popular review sites via email or on your review engine.  (We call this our review booster)
  • We have multiple ways for you to ask for a review, including a simple email form in your dashboard, Review “Ignitor” cards, and scripts for email and social media sites
Benefits to you:
  • Gives you a great way to gather feedback from your clients / patients
  • Build trust in your business
  • Converts more leads and referrals into paying clients / patients

The 2nd R is Reach.  What are you doing to make sure more people know about your business today than yesterday?

Our system helps you Reach out to more people

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

While not specifically an “SEO” product, reviews can be an important part of your overall Local SEO strategy.  Our system and additional done-for-you services can also help boost your rankings and help you stand out online.  Here is how an individual review looks in our system;

Features include:

  • Individual search engine indexed reviews
  • schema formatted reviews … meaning we’ve formatted our reviews the way the search engines like to see them and they often show up with the “star” rating in the search engine results
  • Keyword link on each review to your main web site
  • We can work with your webmaster to edit your web site “title tags” for better Local SEO results
  • Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) optimization and maintenance.  This has become a critical factor in increasing your Local SEO rankings and visibility and we can take care of all of it for your business.
  • Local directory setup and optimization at sites like Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and others.  Again, this has become a big factor in how you show up in the search engines and on mobile devices.

Social Media

Sharing reviews on your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to reach out to more people and spread the good word about the work that you do for your clients.  According to a recent study, 74% of people trust recommendations made on their social networks.  When somebody leaves a positive review on your review engine, they are invited to share their review with their friends on sites like Facebook and Twitter.   This is a great way to generate social Referrals.  Here’s an example;

In addition, when you purchase one of our premium plans, we set it up so that each review is automatically shared on your Facebook and Twitter profiles.  Here is an example of how the individual review above is shared on our HVAC client’s Facebook page;

Finally, individual reviews can be “Liked” and “Shared” by others on their social networks, exponentially expanding your raving fans.  Our done-for-you social media services also set up a great foundation for your social media marketing efforts.

Features include:

  • Social sharing of your reviews on Facebook and Twitter
  • Facebook Timeline page;  Don’t have a Facebook page?  Don’t worry, we can setup a page for you.
  • Twitter profile; Don’t have a Twitter profile?  Again, no problem, we can take care of setting it up for your business.
  • Facebook review app; not only are your reviews shared individually on your Facebook page, but we’ve created an app so that ALL of your reviews are prominently displayed on your Facebook page, and people never have to leave Facebook to both read your reviews and leave a review
  • Branded YouTube channel;  Videos are a great way to engage your prospects and clients.  We can setup a branded YouTube channel for you.  Video testimonials are also a great way to build your online reputation, and your YouTube channel is a perfect place to put them.
  • Reputation Videos;  We can create simple videos each (1 per quarter) using pictures from your business or a project along with a review from a client.  This will be loaded to your YouTube channel and search optimized for your business name and keywords.  You can also use these video on your web site, post them to your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and more.  [See example]
  • Email newsletter setup;  email is still a great way to communicate with many users, and we can setup a branded email newsletter account in Mailchimp for you.